Alessandro Coppari’s journey is one marked by a passion for high-quality food and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It all began in Senigallia when Alessandro, after many years of honing his craft in a renowned establishment, decided to take over the very business where he was born and raised. Thus, he embarked on a remarkable adventure, leveraging his extensive experience to focus on delivering a product of the utmost quality.

His tireless exploration of dough and yeast, along with a commitment to sourcing the finest local and national ingredients, and experimentation with innovative cooking techniques, garnered significant media attention and a slew of awards. As a result, Mezzometro, over the years, has become widely recognized as one of Italy’s premier pizzerias.

His pizza has been lauded as possessing “superpowers”, as charmingly described in a feature published by Dissapore a few years ago, and it’s considered the best beyond Naples. Today, with the support of a dedicated and harmonious team in his professional journey, Alessandro has elevated research and experimentation to a new level with the creation of MAGNIFICA ROTONDA.

Quella di Alessandro Coppari è una storia di
passione per il cibo di qualità e per la continua ricerca

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